OARS, the Olympia Amateur Radio Society, is an ARRL special services club dedicated to promoting and supporting Amateur Radio in the Olympia Washington area as well as all of Thurston County.

Until further notice the OARS weekly schedule will be the following:
Tuesdays -- Zoom 216-944-109, starts at 7:30 pm with talk on repeaters (be sure to mute your Zoom input).
Monthly Meeting every 3rd Wednesday -- Zoom 435-905-935 Password 147360, starts at 7:00 pm but no talk on the repeaters.
Contact Bruce WA7BAM or Lee KI7SS if there are any questions or issues.

Testing will happen second Wednesday each month at the Alpine Hills Community Park at the intersection of Westhill Dr SW and Northill Dr SW. Remember you need a federal registration number available for free on the FCC website. Also remember to dress for the weather since we are in an open picnic shelter. Candidate numbers have increased so testing is starting at 5 pm to accommodate everyone. Follow this link for more information:

OARS Repeaters operate on the following frequencies:
147.36 MHz(+) (PL 103.5 on TX output only)
224.46 MHz(-) (PL 103.5)
441.40 MHz(+) (PL 103.5)

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Latest Propagation Estimates and Info

Current Magnetic Conditions for SW Canada (and US PNW) are available here.

Hepburn Tropospheric Ducting Forecast. Click this link, then use right arrow to get closest to the current time.

Current Propagation estimate from http://www.hfpropagation.com:

Propagation Estimate From HAMSQL

Current Optimum NVIS Frequency Map

Solar Cycles 23, 24 activity. This is a static graph, just for reference.

Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) Beacon Information
Listen for the beacon call signs on these frequencies
Rough approximations for azimuth and distance to the beacons, from Western Washington:
BeaconBeam HeadingDistance
4U1UN86°3765 km
VE8AT11°3659 km
W6WX183°1358 km
KH6RS237°4440 km
ZL6B224°11796 km
VK6RBP270°14964 km
JA2IGY302°7950 km
RR9O346°8190 km
VR2B310°10360 km
4S7B335°13436 km
ZS6DN56°16316 km
5Z4B28°14254 km
4X6TU20°10653 km
OH2B18°7454 km
CS3B58°8240 km
LU4AA132°11198 km
OA4B134°8083 km
YV5B113°6644 km


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