***Please go to https://www.olyham.org for the new OARS website, this website will soon be closed.***

Website url's

 To simplify matters a bit, take a look at Doug's, N7POV, suggestion:  

"...I would like to suggest that our blog address is too long for people to remember instantly.  

From a marketing perspective, short addresses are more easily recalled and as a result one would find that readership would increase and the club would benefit from this.
Instead of olyham.blogspot.com I propose that the address: olyham.org be used.  The shorter address gets us to the same place.
There might be a short transitional period when both addresses are used and then switch over, entirely to the shorter address."

To accomplish this, the weekly information net will be updated to read with this shorter address so that everyone listening will get this information.  To make sure that the link works for you, click on the link above or type olyham.org into your browsers search bar and you should see the current web page.  Both url's will lead you to this website.

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How to join OARS

Click on the "Online Membership Form" under "Club Related Information", fill it out and submit it. Dues are $25 per year due in Jan each year, use the "Payments to OARS" link.


Thurston County ARES is an all volunteer organization of amateur radio operators who serve our community during disasters. If you are interested in joining TCARES, send an email to wa7oly@gmail.com and we will get you started.