OARS, the Olympia Amateur Radio Society, is an ARRL special services club dedicated to promoting and supporting Amateur Radio in the Olympia Washington area as well as all of Thurston County.

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ARRL Calls Out for Volunteers for 2018 Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle

In 2018, 4,000 of the top Special Olympics athletes and coaches in the USA will gather in Seattle to participate in just the fourth-ever Spe...


Items For Sale
Items for sale by Phil, W7PLC (as of 4-February-2018)
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Terms: Serious offers only. Proceeds from power supply and keyers will go to the OARS repeater fund, all other proceeds will fund my new FT-857D. Prices; are already a steal but are flexible. Please, no low-balling, only serious offers. Prefer cash but local check from OARS member is OK. Non-OARS, cash only. NO TRADES, got too much stuff already.
Delivery; not an issue for local buyers. Beyond Thurston County area, shipping is in addition to agreed upon price.

TYT TH-9800 10/6/2/440 mobile
50W S/N 1601A39353
Beam Antenna, 6 element 2M, $75
Beam Antenna, 4 element 2M, 7 element 440, $95 Mobile Antenna, 2M/440, $25
Mobile Antenna, 10M, 6M, 2M, 440, $40
MFJ-422D Keyer $100
Bencher Keyer $75 MFJ-4035MV regulated variable (0-20VDC) power supply $125

Items Being Sought
None at this time

Items not related to radio
None at this time

For club members to post something, just send an email with the description as well as photos if you have them, to olyhamssc@gmail.com


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